Food requirements for your kid:

Kids and rice cakes. It just seems like a healthy choice. But not so long ago the story was that it is better not to give your children too many rice cakes. The reason for this is that rice products contain the substance arsenic . Rice cakes specifically contain the highest dose of this. This substance can damage nerves and blood vessels in the long term, but also increases the risk of cancer.

There was a strong reaction to this message, especially abroad. But the Dutch Nutrition Center and the European Food Safety Authority advise not to give rice cakes every day. As an alternative, you can give corn waffles or crackers, for example.

The same also applies to all other rice products; occasionally is fine, but preferably not every day.

We all know that eating too salty is not a healthy diet. But why?

Salt is the main carrier of the nutrient sodium . The body uses this substance to regulate fluid balance and blood pressure. In addition, it also ensures proper functioning of muscle and nerve cells.

A sodium deficiency is actually rare, this is because you get a lot of salt through food and the body releases little of it. Too much salt, on the other hand. And especially with kids, this can occur extra quickly. The kidneys of young children are not yet strong enough to process a lot of salt. Too much salt can damage the kidneys later in life.

Dietary advice salt

It is therefore recommended not to give too salty products until they are four years old. This includes, for example, regular cheese, cheese spread, meat products, ready-to-eat sauces and snacks.

But also make sure that you do not add too much salt to the food you cook. And salt is often added to vegetables from a can or jar. That is why frozen vegetables or fresh vegetables are a better choice when it comes to healthy food.

But which nutrients then?

We are overloaded with messages about what we should not give our kids. So let’s also take a look at what is good and what falls under healthy food.

As we mentioned above, nutrients are building materials that the body functions on. So there is a lot of good to be gained from what you do give to a child. Healthy eating is of course the basis, but small kids need a little extra from a number of nutrients. This includes vitamin D, iron and omega-3 fatty acids.

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